What are zebra shades?

Zebra shades are a type of sunshade shades, also known as layered shades. Zebra shades go by many different names: zebra shades, zebra blinds, Zebra blackout shades, layered shades, and banded shades. It is made of small pieces of fabric and gauze of equal width, which are woven at intervals. One end is fixed and the other end is rolled along the axis to adjust the light, forming transparent and opaque horizontal stripes alternating. It is named because it resembles zebra stripes in nature.

The alternating pattern creates a visually appealing and unique appearance. These unique curtains have set off waves in the interior design world. Zebra shades are indeed a fascinating choice.

Warm-toned zebra shades next to Chinese dining table

Main functions and features of zebra shades:

- It is made of fabrics and gauze of equal size woven into continuous fabric rings at intervals, with dark (opaque) and light (transparent or translucent) stripes alternating.


Dimming function: By interlacing fabrics and gauze, adjusting the alignment of stripes to control light, different degrees of shading can be achieved to meet the indoor light needs.

Beautiful and fashionable: The appearance is simple and beautiful, with a unique decorative effect, which can add a sense of fashion to the interior.

Privacy protection: It can provide privacy when closed, while still allowing some light to pass through when needed.

Easy operation: It usually adopts beaded rope or electric control, which is convenient and quick to operate.

Diverse choices: The color and opacity can be customized to match any design.

Strong practicality: Easy to install, matched with modern fabrics, durable, suitable for various windows, various places, such as homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc., including windows with small internal depth.

Gray zebra shades in European and American family restaurant

According to the different shading effects of the fabric, zebra curtains can be divided into semi-shading zebra curtains, imitation linen zebra curtains and full-shading zebra curtains, and the shading effects range from low to high. In addition, there are some functional zebra curtains, such as fireproof, waterproof, mildew-proof, sun-proof, formaldehyde-proof, etc.

When choosing zebra curtains, you can consider the following factors:
Shading needs: According to the function of the room and personal preference for light, choose a zebra curtain with a suitable shading effect.
Color and pattern: According to the interior decoration style and personal preference, choose a color and pattern that matches it.
Material quality: High-quality fabrics and craftsmanship can guarantee the life and performance of zebra blinds.
Installation method: According to the type and size of the window, choose the appropriate installation method.

If you want to buy high-quality zebra shades that meet the above conditions and are suitable, please click Zebra Shades.

Zebra shades at viewing table by the window

Common problems:
Nighttime privacy depends on the selected fabric; high opacity stripes provide better privacy.
Unlike transparent blackout blinds, they control light by stripe alignment rather than blind tilt.
Disadvantages may include that the zebra pattern is not to everyone's taste, but other than that it is simple and durable.

Overall, zebra blinds/layered blackout blinds are a unique, beautiful and practical curtain with a series of advantages. Its dimming function and stylish appearance make it a favorite choice for many people.

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