Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a very popular product on the market at present. According to the customer's different light filtering needs, cellular shades material can be selected from a variety of perspectives of light transmission, fabric characteristics and color. Combined with its unique honeycomb airbag or cellular structure, cellular shades forms a unique air barrier, which can achieve heat insulation and save electricity in the home, and keeping the room warm.

Motorized Sheer Shade

Motorized Sheer shades black out blinds with voice control smart sheer blinds with remote control

Blackout sheer shades are a popular window treatment that combines the benefits of a blackout shade with the elegance of sheer fabric. They are designed to offer maximum privacy and light control while still maintaining a soft and airy appearance.

Motorized Sheer shades are also great for energy efficiency. Specific fabric construction used in sheer shades allows natural light to enter the room, which means you won't have to rely on artificial lighting during the day. This can help reduce your energy bills

Zebra Shades

The existence of zebra curtains makes it easy to transition between day and night, as the name suggests, in fact, through the zebra-like pattern fabric for adjustment, simple manipulation of the up and down position of the stripes can achieve control of light and privacy protection.

Common fabrics are a mixture of polyester and cotton, PES safe and non-toxic, and PES is a flame retardant, safe for the family.The alternating stripes can be customized with color, texture and fabric choices to meet your aesthetic.

Roman Shades

Compared to the general interior window blinds, Roman shades are a very stylized type of interior window blinds. It is named because it has the general texture of Roman columns, so it will have a classical charm. In the current home decoration can play the effect of indoor window blinds, but also can be perfect as a decoration of the house. It is because of this unique style, so there are some details to pay attention to when buying Roman shades, we will explain how to buy Roman shades by Wintowblinds.com in the following.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are easy to customize in terms of color. Vinyl blinds are essentially a polymer compound, a very modern product that has been perfected in terms of functionality and durability, and can be used in a variety of applications.


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